Steve Kim

Like you, expert presentation coach Steve Kim has seen many people share their ideas in front of many people. Some are mind blowing that makes you think while some are lullabies in a dark auditorium. Where do you place yourself when it comes to sharing your ideas with others? Do you feel like a stiff robot reciting on your most passionate topics? How some communicate so well while some do it so poorly? Is communication intrinsic and it’s only not for everyone?

Today, we are constantly bombarded by the media and it’s always a struggle to stand out among so many. Plus there are so many things to look up in what you can do to improve your presentation skills online. Do you actually use them and are you sure you’re merely being someone else when you present?

Steve find strengths in your personality to help you build your authenticity and confidence and when you communicate and present in front of others. Communication is extrinsic and it’s something we build up, like physical exercise. Steve will be your personal trainer.

Prior to communication coaching, Steve, a scientist by education and in passion, presented and outreached science to local communities. He also worked in a non-profit organization to help shape the biotechnology community as well as outreaching for science education in local schools. Sharing exciting aspects of science to the next generation of scientists.