Tammy Meyers

My values are summed up as… healthy, active, and environmentally friendly. I’m fortunate that these are reflected through our business, QuestUpon, as our underlying mission is to gamify the world and inspire an active lifestyle. By taking the ‘game’ outside, people get off the couch and engage with their environment. They’re given a new sense of space and place. Kids and families are interacting, experiencing and learning new things. I’m continually inspired by what we are doing and the clients and partners we work with!

I am also passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs, and particularly, women tech founders. In 2017, myself and Kari LaMotte co-founded, WTF – WomenTechFounders.ca, with the goal to create a community and collective of female founders in the STEM disciplines, in Vancouver and BC. In the first year, our collective has grown to nearly 60 members.