Zeynep Tuck

Zeynep is an editorial manager and content strategist. Holding management roles in the media, PR and private sectors for over 14 years, she has a track record of developing top-performing, engaging content programs across the globe.

An innovative leader, Zeynep has creatively sourced new audiences, untapped partnerships and underutilized resources with profitable results. Thriving in dynamic, data-driven spaces, Zeynep steered global projects in collaboration with cross-functional teams across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Today, as a performance-minded MSN Producer with Microsoft (through Aquent), Zeynep analyzes and curates best-in-class content from reputable media outlets for one of the world’s largest content platforms.

She is a passionate advocate and mentor for women in the workplace. In 2017/18, she led professionals across Canada in developing messaging and promotions for Women in Tech World’s Gender Equity Roadmap as the organization’s Director of Marketing & Communications.